Five signs that care is needed for seniors with mental challenges

01. Forgetfulness

Mom keeps forgetting appointments. When we discuss it she swears she had no appointment even though it was marked on the calendar.

02. Confusion

Dad has lived in this neighborhood for over 30 years. I received a call from his neighbor telling me dad couldn’t find his way home when he went for his daily walk.

03. Difficulty

I found mom today trying to turn on the vacuum cleaner she has had for 5 years.

04. Withdrawal

My uncle has played poker every week with the guys for as long as I can remember. Lately he has no interest in playing.

05. Misplacing

Dad keeps losing his keys and isn’t able to retrace his steps to find them.

We are certified

Our dementia certification status is built on the knowledge that persons with dementia can feel joy, fulfillment, and love.  We’re on a mission to create dementia capable people who love life. We want to change the way the world sees, thinks about, and cares for people with alzheimer’s/dementia.

Not only do we take care of people with dementia, but we provide training that gives you the knowledge, skills, processes, and tools to deliver evidence-based memory care to achieve positive outcomes for family members diagnosed with dementia.

The results? Individuals with dementia and their families experience improved quality of life, our caregivers find more job satisfaction, and You’re First LLC is able to achieve their clinical and business goals.

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What people are saying about us

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Ms. Gibson

Cannot say enough about the service we received with You’re First! Shannon went far and above in her care of my uncle and was always such a pleasant encouragement to our family!!! Would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again! I’ve dealt with many over the years and Shannon and her team don’t just do their job and do it well, they work from their heart! Very hard to find these days!!!


I was very impressed with the way Crystal Aranda and the staff at You’re First were able to get my mother back on her feet again; regaining her independence that she had lost while being hospitalized. What really impressed me was how You’re First knew how to handle and perform all care tasks necessary to get my mom well again.

In addition, the staff at You’re First taught me how to care for my mother and assist her with proper body mechanics. I am so thankful for the loving and outstanding care they gave my mother.

Thank you! You’re First!

Ms. Aranda

I have worked for You’re First for over 6yrs and the people within the organization have become my second family.

The CEO of You’re First Cheryl, always believes in doing the right thing in all situations. She treats every employee and every client the same way she treats her own family members. And that core element of our company culture is evident in every department within our organization. Our employee training program and daily activities for our clients is designed to support a comprehensive list of mental and physical challenges.
I have never worked for a company that really cares about their clients and works hard every day to be the very best in our industry!

Ms. Letah

I have used 4 other care agencies in Houston for my mom, none of them come close to providing the care for her that You’re First does! Almost every evening before she goes to bed she tells how lucky she is to have “her girls” and thanks me for bringing them to her. She has thrived under their care! She enjoys the extra things they do for her and the activities they do…makes me envious I must go to work every day.

I recommend You’re First to anyone who asks about care! Thank you You’re First for providing the very best in care for my mom!