Smart Care Assessment

You’re First Care is a RightCare Ministries partner; we perform a 144-Point Risk Assessment that was developed with over 20 years of research involving over 200 participating organizations and over 120 major research collaboratives.

The most important outcomes

The 5 outcomes we know are most important to yield the highest level of care our loved one needs to be successful are:

  • Medical Condition Management – Be able to identify changes in health/cognitive condition and report this to family and clinicians
  • Safety – Ability to stay safe / Avoid unsafe occurrences
  • Autonomy/Independence – The ability to get one’s needs met. Activities of Daily Living
  • Burden of Care – Stay Managed
  • Quality of Life – A life worth living
  • Age in Place – This is what most people want; statics show that private duty (one-on-one care) done right is the best chance for an older adult to be successful in their aging journey.

This assessment helps us identify physical care needs and get processes in place to minimize risks in a person’s environment. The assessment provides the information, unemotionally, needed to develop a plan of care conducive to achieving the best outcomes possible for our older adults.