Family Caregiver Training Program

Compassion is at the heart of our care

therefore, we created the Family Caregiver Training Program (FCTIP)

The goal of this program is to train families of those who cannot afford professional care, or for families that would prefer to personally do the perform the care for their loved ones. Our training program is designed to teach the family or family caregiver the best care techniques, that we use in our care every day.

If at anytime you decide to have professional care, we are here for you. With You’re First you get more than excellent home care, you get a team of Certified Nurse Assistants and Licensed Professionals who specialize in the care of Dementia, Parkinson’s, Stroke and Diabetes among other diseases. We believe in Person Centered Care; providing exceptional physical care, challenging you mentally while supporting you emotionally. Our approach is truly from our hearts taking Quality of Life to an entirely new level of care. Discover the difference!

Family Caregiver Training Program

We understand the challenges all family caregivers face.

Our Family Caregiver Training Program (FCTP) is designed to give hands on training in the home with the caregivers’ unique situation. Understanding the needs of older adults or individuals with challenges and the techniques necessary to keep the caregiver and the family member safe, are essential for successful care.
Our FCTP program is administered and taught by experienced and certified professionals who come to you in your loved one’s environment.

Training includes but is not limited to:

  • Safe transfer techniques
  • Successful showering
  • How to make a “user friendly” bed—occupied and unoccupied
  • Positioning in bed to avoid skin breakdown/ bed sores—use of draw sheets
  • Incontinent/Perineal care techniques
  • Proper use of gait belts and fall avoidance techniques
  • How to safely get up from a non-injury fall
  • Blood Pressure education
  • Wound Care Basics
  • CPR Training/Certification